Our Mission

To bring digital value added to the Maritime Sector

Open Innovation

Be at the cutting edge of technical advances, so as to be a value added business partner for our clients

Connect Professionals

Enable businesses to connect and grow their potential global reach, beyond what has to date been possible with analogue business practices

Promote Digital

Deliver an open maritime eco-system and enable supply chain standardisation and data consumption by all stakeholders.

Our founder

Our company started with a brilliant but simple idea: bring the maritime sector into the digital age by giving industry participants access to relevant, real time insight and data

To date the digital revolution has largely bypassed the maritime sector. As such, the industry has missed out on the significant productivity and connectivity gains that have benefited other sectors.

I founded Marinus with a single goal: to bring digital best practice and value-added services to all stakeholders in the maritime industry, no less than to bring the industry into the 21st century.

Whether ship owner, supplier or other industry participant, we have the right tools for you to help you transform your business

Karim Khan

We engage with stakeholders across the maritime sector


We have an open channel to new and existing customers. We listen and we are always here for you


Ours is a culture of constant innovation, moulded in the spirit of customer collaboration. Our products and services are designed with only one goal: to better serve your needs