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Columbus, an all-in-one integrated solution

Manage your procurement from A to Z. Instantly notified of incoming RFQs and Purchase Orders. Automatically keep your product stock up to date.


Keep track of your existing and new customers needs. Ensure you can deliver high quality service while keeping costs down and up-sell your services and goods.


Create pre-approved catalogues to be used within your department team. Speed up the delivery of goods and sign off to ensure continuity of your business.


Create contracts online and automatically attach to each RFQ before sending to your customers. Confidence that terms are agreed before doing business.

Ship Manager

Keep track of your ships performance, crew logs, records of maintenance and parts used. Sync catalogues with your fleet to keep reduce overhead costs.

Crew Manager

Manage your crew members and ensure you have their details available. Keep track of their professional career by recording skill sets and certifications.

Delivery Tracking

Ensure your customers are always up to date when it comes to their deliveries. No need to call or send an email for a status update.

Public Directory

Promote your company, products and services through our Public Directory. Be found by Ship Owners, Managers and other businesses.

Offline Ordering

Automatically synchronise your catalogues across your fleet and have a unified ordering platform, reducing your overhead costs of implementing different systems.

Real-time Reporting

Create real-time reports about the cost and time savings within your department. Understand where your bottlenecks are and resolve immediately.

App Marketplace

Enhance your Columbus experience with built-in Apps or access Third-party vendors to ensure you have all the tools you need.

Bunker Pricing

Keep your fleet afloat with real-time bunker pricing all over the world. Automatically view on each Order what your alternatives are to reduce your OPEX.

Audit Trail

Hold your team accountable for their actions. Enterprise grade audit trail and activity monitoring along with version history to keep track of any irregularities.

Teams, Roles & Permissions

Manage Teams, Roles and Permissions within your Administration panel and assign to any member within your team without the need to contact support.

Companies & Branches

Create Companies and Branches and be compliant with international regulations when you are ordering goods and services for your fleet.

Folders & Work-flows

Select pre-defined work-flows or create one for your company to ensure everyone in your team has a consistent way of working.

Dry Dock Management

Supporting dry-docking, tendering and other technical projects such as retrofitting with planning and communication with contractors and timeline management.

And more ...

Columbus offers a fleet of tools to maximise your revenue and reduce your OPEX with effective and efficient work-flows that your team will love.