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Current providers ask you to fill in endless forms and contact their sales team. Most of the time, you just want to start transacting and experience a seamless journey without having to explain yourself to anyone.

Columbus works for you to get your business going, we keep it simple: You are in control

Understanding your business pain points

As a trusted partner, we can help you solve a variety of problems

You spend too much money on your current providers and you want to reduce spend.


You waste too much time with the current solution and you want to use your time more efficiently.


You want to improve internal processes, such as assigning RFQs and automating repetitive tasks.


You do not receiving the support you need at critical stages to scale processes and handle increased demand.

How we can help you

Columbus, an all-in-one integrated solution

Manage your procurement from A to Z. Create Requisitions, approve RFQs, submit Purchase Orders and automatically generate Invoices.

Ship Manager

Keep track of your ships performance, log crew activity and digitise records of maintenance and parts used. Sync catalogues with your fleet to reduce overhead.


Create pre-approved catalogues for your team. Speed up the delivery of goods and the sign off process to ensure business continuity.


Create contracts online and automatically attach to each RFQ before sending it to your suppliers. Confidence that terms are agreed and authorised before doing business.

Full Control

Invite your team and suppliers, and set roles and permissions in a few clicks.

Manage Companies & Branches

Create Companies, Branches and Teams to ensure you have isolated track record for your team.
Manage Goals, Assign Companies and Branches
Clear overview of Branches assigned to your Companies
Easily switch between Companies, Branches and Accounts

Orders & Invoices

Have a clear overview of your requisitions, quotes, orders and invoices

Always up to date

On your dashboard always have the latest and most accurate information. Maintain your expenditure and budget actively and ensure that deliveries are always on time and that quality is maintained.

Calendar Overview

A clear overview of your Requisitions, RFQs, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Invoices on the Calendar with given deadlines. Click on an item to get a quick glance and easily switch between a monthly ,weekly, daily or a list overview, without the needing to refresh or do a new search.

Additional Benefits

Discover all the features, such as document management, advanced search and version history.

Manage Contracts & Terms

Create documents online

Create standardised documents for your RFQs, Purchase Orders and Invoices. Automatically attach the contracts to ensure that the agreed terms are known to all parties.

Additionally, you can request other parties to sign the documents online and save copies for your own records.

Powerful Reporting

Real time data

Instantly view how much time and money your company saves by using Columbus. Easily create procurement reports to be included in your financial presentations or shared with your department.

Create real-time charts and tables by selecting the data you need to optimise your processes and ensure continuity of your business. At the end of the day, the bottom line counts.

Find anything

Efficient Search tools

Search by keyword or filter down to find what you need. Find information from Requisitions, Contracts to CRM Contacts. Save your search parameters for later or share them among your co-workers to reduce time spent searching for items.

Auditing & Activity

Retain Accountability

Automatically keep track of your departments activity within Columbus. Enterprise grade audit and activity monitoring system is in place and allows you to see when members within your team are viewing, editing, creating or deleting items.

All audit logs are digitally signed with a secure key to prevent tampering them in transit. A confident source of truth for all actions.

Compare RFQs

Decisions made easy

Compare RFQS from your suppliers in a clean and smart overview which allows you to Approve, Decline, Acknowledge and Renegotiate. Use historic data to understand which suppliers delivered the highest quality products for a competitive price. It will effectively reduce your OPEX with minimum effort.

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